Play It As It Lays

Just when you thought it was
safe to go back in the water,
turns out it’s low tide.
Just when you thought it was time
to re-boot the machine,
damn if the juice didn’t die.
Just when you screwed up your courage,
hunkered down and got ready to
take on the world again,
didn’t the world up and hop a flight to Haiti.

So play it as it lays, my friend,
’cause it’s the only game in town,
you ain’t ever gonna get a better.
You ain’t gonna get a worse, either,
you just ain’t ever gonna get any other, at all.
And, my friend, my dear, dear friend,
we both know, it 
ain’t no game, either.
So you had to take a walk, maybe even a trek,
down a long, dark road;
this, too, will pass.
So play it as it lays,
and God bless you if you can time to time
hold a card up your sleeve.
Oh, hell, God bless you if you can’t;
God bless you to hell and back, either way.
And always, my friend, always, always, try to remember,
yeah, it’s the only table in town,
but you’re allowed to enjoy it once in a while.

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