Things I Believe In

I believe in the wind on the sail;
I believe in a woman’s hips;
I believe in the red and green and yellow of traffic lights against an electric-blue sky in

summer at dusk.
I believe in the beauty of words, well put together on page or in voice;
I believe in love, a lot, in all its forms and graces.
I don’t think I believe in hate, really.
I believe in steak and red wine, steak done medium well please;
I don’t believe in God, or the Devil; but I do believe in gods, and demons.
I believe in beauty especially.
I believe in Jerry Garcia’s electric guitar,
in Neil Young’s quavery howl, in Dylan’s gravelly growl.
I didn’t use to believe in death, but I learned, and now I do.
I don’t believe in immortality;
I believe in a girl’s glance, a woman’s look.
I believe in rage, anger, jealousy, sadness, longing, loss, joy,

patience, exuberance, serenity (occasionally), fear, tenacity,

tongue-kissing, crying, selfishness, laughter, sleep.
I believe in the color maroon, and especially green. I believe in black.
I believe in my reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament;
I’m not sure that I believe in my out-of-whack sacro-iliac, despite the fact that it’s

currently hurting like the bejesus.
I believe in Pepperidge Farm Nantucket chocolate-chip cookies, with a really, really big,

ice-cold glass of milk, for dunking, of course.
I believe in magic, white and black.
I believe in rivers, and mountains,
I don’t believe in plains – ’cause I’ve never seen one.
I believe in islands; not deserts;
I believe in glaciers, though I’ve never seen one – or maybe I have – I believe in ponds and

lakes and very much oceans – the Atlantic, for me. I believe in snow.
I believe in cigars, but I don't like them.
I believe in conifers, and deciduous trees, and flowers and grass and ferns and cacti;

I’m not quite sure what to make of heather on the bracken, and I don’t know what gorse is.
I believe in children especially;
I believe in truth, I believe in lies.
These are some of the things I believe in.


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