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Various bits and pieces, amusing or impressive – enjoy




·                               Ellen DeGeneres on phone with elderly lady calling in to her show – hysterical

·                               Guy on voice-mail gives blow-by-blow of a fender-bender in front of him, and the
ensuing insanity – hysterical

·                               Amy Schumer tells Jimmy Fallon re prank text she pulled on Katie Couric hysterical

·                               Battle of the sexes – old war, new giggle

·                               Battle of the sexes – opposing view, more laughs

·                               Improv actors group takes over Katz’s deli and re-enacts the fake orgasm
scene from When Harry Met Sallyit’s a scream

·                               Create and download pic of tombstone with your own words engraved on it –
different, poss useful, poss comical

·                               Neighbor wars – unbelievable, the things people do when they’re pissed off at
the folks next door – funny

·                               Classical quartet performs, while engaging in comical catfight

·                               Kids’ wrong answers on tests – funny

·                               13 dumb things people said in bookstores – funny

·                               Transcript of British – Irish marine radio disagreement – funny

·                               Woman performs intricate, choreographed dance, with her dog – mind-boggling

·                               2-year-old boy performs solo dance recital in front of crowd, to Jailhouse Rock –
funny AND impressive

·                               Terminal cancer patient writes letter, not to be sent until her husband has
found love again – breath-taking

·                               Nicholas Winton saved over 600 children from Holocaust – amazing, uplifting

·                               American WW2 pilot tracks down German pilot who let his damaged plane fly past,
they become close friends – amazing, uplifting

·                               11-year-old autistic girl sings live on-stage with Katy Perry – goosebumps

·                               Boy helps ‘special abilities’ boy score hockey goal – impressive, and touching

·                               Sign in Scottish golf club (you don’t need to know golf to like this) – funny

·                               Rainbow over southern Manhattangreat photo

·                               Seinfeld bloopers – proof that laughter is contagious

·                               Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart perform ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ while members of
       Led Zeppelin watch as they receive Kennedy Center Honors – ’nuff said


·                               Equifax credit data hack – what you can or should do, info, links, etc. – helpful



N.B. These links were valid when I put them up.  If you find any that have gone stale, or you have other items that you’d like to suggest for this page, feel free to drop me a line.  (Of course, I can’t promise they’ll go up unless I like ‘em too – it’s GOOD to be da king!)



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