John Richmond works in the  financial services

industry.  He lives in New York, and he  

enjoys sailing and fly–fishing.  

Dead And Alive is his first novel.

You can e-mail him here.







Why all the ‘dead’ stuff? – Dead And Alive and ‘Poetry Is Dead’?

  Dead And Alive always seemed to me the right title for this book, and ‘Poetry Is Dead’ was a well-known headline from a Newsweek column in 2003.  Plus, I’m a long-time Deadhead, so the latter title tickled me a bit for that reason as well.  Sorry if you were looking for something more creepy.

N.B.  The title of this novel has nothing to do with the Frankenstein book series by Dean Koontz – that series did not exist when I wrote this book, and I remained unaware of the series later when I published the book.  The coincidence of titles is exactly that, a coincidence.


Is the book only available as a Kindle e-book?

Yes, at present the novel is available only in Kindle e-book format.


Have you written anything else?

Poetry, as you can see on some other pages of this website.  As for other novels – we’ll see going down the road.




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Book cover photo courtesy and Marvin Soriano