Allís Fair


A shot in the dark, thatís what it was to me,

Iíd met you, I knew you, but not very well.

Bumped into you seldom, still wanted to see,

So, five minutesí risk, one sure way to tell.

And boy, oh boy, did I get that one wrong Ė

Flattered, flustered, but graceful: I canít, but thank you.

Five minutesí risk?Itís now ten days gone long,

And I canít stop myself from thinking of you.

You blew me away, girl, right out of my shoes,

You shook me awake, maybe long overdue.

And part of it was, looking back through the blue,

In some moving ways, I saw myself in you.

Allís fair, right?The old saw we all still say.

Who knew plain old peace could so get in the way?




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